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January 22, 2013
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Finally arriving at Sophie's house, Jack tried to lie her down into her bed, but her arms were tight around his neck. (y/n) softly laughed at the sight of Jack trying to get Sophie to let him go. He finally pried her hands apart and was about to tell (y/n) that they’re leaving, until Sophie rolled off her bed, landing on the floor due to Jack leaving her too close to the edge of her bed. (y/n) gave Jack a little slap on the
back of his head with her hand.

“Seriously Jack? First Jamie, now Sophie?”

“Sophie? Is that you!?” a woman’s voice asked, it was Sophie’s mother. Jack quickly threw Sophie’s blanket over her, along with her stuffed toy, making it appear that Sophie had rolled out of bed herself. Jack, (y/n), and Baby Tooth exited through the window and watched as Sophie’s mom shook her head at the sight of her on the floor and laid her back on her bed.

“We should get back,” Jack said. (y/n) and Baby Tooth nodded. But before they could fly off, both (y/n) and Jack heard something.

“Jack!!” a girl’s voice said.

“(y/n)!!” a boy’s voice said.

“That-that voice . . . . I know that voice . . .” Jack said, trying to remember where he may have heard it.

“I know it too,” (y/n) said, “it’s calling my name.”

“Huh? I only hear my name.”

“Really?” They both flew in the direction of the voice, with Baby Tooth behind them, trying to tell them that they should really return to the guardians. Jack and (y/n) saw that they were both flying in the same direction, which meant that the voices were probably together. Stopping on a roof, they listened again.


“(y/n)!!” The voices were leading to a forest in the outskirts of town. They flew again into the forest. In the middle, there was a broken up bed frame.

'Strange place to leave a bed,' (y/n) thought. Baby Tooth knew that time was ticking and they needed to get back to the Warren. She grabbed Jack’s hood and pulled on it, trying to say “let’s go back now!”

“Don’t worry, there’s still time,” Jack assured her. Baby Tooth tried (y/n) by pulling on her dress.

“Baby Tooth, please.” Baby Tooth rolled her eyes, but continued to follow the young spirits. Upon closer inspection of the bed frame, Jack and (y/n) saw a large, deep looking hole in the ground. From the hole Jack and (y/n) both heard their own names being called. Poor Baby Tooth was squeaking like crazy, telling them to not go any further. Jack jumped in first, then (y/n), and finally Baby Tooth. They landed in what looked like to be a cave like place. Baby Tooth squeaked her loudest and wouldn’t go any deeper.

“Baby Tooth come on!” Jack urged, “we have to find out what that is!” As they proceeded, all around the cave were cages hung by chains, and in the middle of the cave was a globe, much like the one back at North’s workshop, only this one appeared to made out of a black metal of some kind. Jack heard something coming from a bunch of cages. He flew to get a closer look. It was the rest of Tooth’s fairies!! They all began to squeak loudly upon seeing him. He grabbed on to one of the cages, trying to find a way to open it. (y/n) did the same with a different cage.

“Shhh, keep it down. I’m gonna get you outta here just as soon as I-”

“Jack!!” This was the loudest call for him yet. He looked down, below them were all the teeth cases piled up, looking like a pile of gold.

“(y/n)! Over here!” She gasped, “The tooth cases!!” she cried happily. She and Jack dropped down and began to search or their teeth.

“Looking for something?” a voice asked. Jack growled as he fired his frost in the direction of Pitch’s voice. It hit nothing. Pitch’s laughter was then heard all around the creepy room. Jack ran off, trying to find Pitch.

“Jack! Wait for me!” (y/n) said. As she ran through the darkest part of the cave, her entire body glowed, acting like a light to find her way around.

“Don’t be afraid Jack, I’m no gonna hurt you.”

“Afraid?” Jack asked, he then saw Pitch walking down some stairs and followed behind, staff at ready, “I’m not afraid of you.” (y/n) saw him and flew close to Jack, “And neither am I.”

“Maybe not, but you 'are' afraid of something.”

“You think so huh?”

“I 'know' so, it’s the one thing I always know,” Pitch said, turning to look at Jack and (y/n), “people’s greatest fears. Your’s is that no one will ever believe in you. Both of you.” Darkness surrounded Jack and (y/n), they suddenly felt like they were falling and landed on a staircase lower then the one they were just one. Jack scrambled up to his feet while helping (y/n) up, not knowing what Pitch might try next.

“(y/n), stay close to me!”


“And worst of all, you’re afraid you’ll never know why,” Pitch continued, “why you? Why were you both chosen to be like this?” Pitch managed to corner Jack and (y/n) to a corner.

“Well fear not, for the answer to that,” he pulled something out of his cloak, “is right here.” It was Jacks and (y/n)’s teeth. There it was, right in front of them, their long forgotten memories, no more then a foot away.

“Do you want them Jack? (y/n)? Your memories.” Jack reached out, but then hesitated. Pitch disappeared into the shadows with their teeth, chuckling evilly. Jack ran down some stairs, forgetting about (y/n).

“Everything you’ve wanted to know, in this little box. Why did you end up like this? Unseen, unable to reach out to anyone. You want the answers so badly. You want to grab them and fly off with them, but you’re afraid of what the guardians would think.You’re afraid of disappointing them. Well let me ease your mind on one thing: they’ll never accept you. Not even your precious little angel will ever accept
you.” Pitch’s voice echoed throughout the cave as he spoke.

“Stop it!! Stop it!!” Jack screamed, holding his head.

“Shut up Pitch!! You don’t know anything!!” (y/n) yelled angrily, glowing brightly from her anger.

“Now little (y/n) on the other hand,” Pitch’s voice said, now directing his attention to her, “well she’s a tough one. But I can see it. It’s interesting though,” (y/n) felt Pitch’s presence behind her, sure enough, there he was, “besides having fear in not being believed in and not knowing yourself, your greatest fear is loosing someone you hold very dear, someone you love actually. Am I right?” (y/n) glowed brighter, shockwaves of her light were fired from her body, almost like what Jack did back at that other fight with Pitch. He quickly took cover in the shadows.

“Hahahaha, guess I am. You fear that he may someday leave you forever, that you’ll never see him again and you’ll be all alone again, just like you where at the beginning of this life. Very interesting what love can get you to fear.”

“Just stop!!” More shockwaves of (y/n)’s power blasted through the room, almost hitting Jack at a few points. He flew up to where she was all while trying to avoid being hit by her light.


“Jack . . . . I’m sorry, I don’t know what came over me,” (y/n) said, shaking a little, “I just . . . . . .”

“Hey, it’s ok, I’m sorry too, I shouldn’t have left your side for that second. If you feel scared, just tell me, and I’ll help you anyway I can.” (y/n) smiled softly, “Thank you Jack, you’re a great friend.”

“Well, isn’t this sweet,” Pitch emerged from the darkness, “but need I remind you two, you’ll never be one of the guardians.”

“You don’t know who we are!” Jack remarked, holding his staff towards Pitch.

“Course I do, the lovely little lady behind you is the Angel of Light and you’re Jack Frost, you make a mess wherever you go. Why you’re doing it right now.” Pitch threw something shiny to Jack, it was his teeth case. Jack thought about what Pitch had said, “What’d you do?”

“Not to the point Jack, what’d 'you' do?” Pitch chuckled evilly as he disappeared into the shadows once more. Jack quickly whispered to (y/n), “Follow me,” and charged towards where he saw Pitch, swinging his staff that was glowing blue. Everything suddenly became engulfed in darkness. Not feeling his staff connecting with anything, he tried to run a different direction with (y/n), but then met a wall.

“Jack! Where’s Baby Tooth!?” (y/n) asked. Jack had completely forgotten about the Tooth’s little fairy, and now she was trapped with the rest of her fairy friends.

“Happy Easter, Jack and (y/n),” Pitch’s voice said. They both turned around and gasped at the sight before them. They were in one of the tunnels that led the eggs to the world, and scattered everywhere were the eggs, all crushed and broken.

“No . . .” Jack breathed.

“Bunny . . . .” (y/n) said with concern.


They flew to where the other guardians were, they were at an Easter egg hunt somewhere in Europe. Jack and (y/n) landed somewhere a little away from them, not wanting to just swop in and arouse questions quickly. But as they approached the others, they saw Bunny trying to give an egg to a child, but then, the boy just walked through him, just like people walked through Jack and (y/n). North was the first to notice Jacks and (y/n)’s presence.

“Jack! (y/n)! Where were you? The Nightmares attacked the tunnels, they smashed every egg, crushed every basket, nothing made it to the surface.”

“This can’t be happening,” (y/n) mumbled, wishing that this was all just a bad dream Pitch created.

“Jack! (y/n)!” Tooth was the next one to see that they had return. She saw the tooth case in Jack’s hands and gasped, “where’d you get that?”

“I was . . . . it’s . . .” Jack tried to answer, but didn’t know how.

“Where’s Baby Tooth?” she asked, seeing that Baby Tooth wasn’t flying around them like she would. Once again, Jack didn’t answer, but Tooth understood what had happened.

“Jack, what’ve you done?”

“'That' is why you two weren’t here?” North asked in disbelief, “you were with 'Pitch'!?” (y/n) flinched, she’d never heard or seen North talk in such a manner.

“No listen listen . . . . I’m sorry, I didn’t mean for this to happen.”

“I am too, we should’ve just come back right away after dropping off Sophie at her house,” (y/n) said, trying to take some of the blame.

“He has to go,” Bunny suddenly said.

“What?” (y/n) asked.

“We should never have trusted you!!” Bunny’s paw formed into a fist. (y/n) quickly stepped between him and Jack, hoping to stop him from hurting Jack.

“Bunny please,” she said, keeping Bunny back by pushing against his chest, “I’m as much as to blame for this happening as much as Jack is.” Bunny’s glare softened, but then changed into a look of despair.

“Easter is new beginnings, new life. Easter’s about hope, and now it’s gone,” Bunny’s ears fell behind his head as he walked away. Jack looked back at North and Tooth, but they turned their heads away. Jack pulled out the little baby wooden baby that North gave him and
just let it fall to the ground.

“Jack?” (y/n) asked.

“(y/n), forget what I said about staying close to me, stay far away from me,” he got ready to fly away, but was stopped when (y/n) grabbed his arm firmly.

“Why!? Why would I do that?”

“I don’t want to mess things up for you either, now let go.”

“No, please Jack, maybe together we can think of something to fix this.”

“You just don’t get it do you!!?” Jack suddenly shouted angrily, he yanked his arm out of (y/n)’s grip and pushed her away, knocking her down to the ground. She looked up at him with hurt eyes, tears were forming, but she did her best to hold them back.

“Jack . . . . .?”

“Just stay away from me! Or . . . . or I’ll give you a reason to stay away!!” (y/n) couldn’t hold it in, the tears flowed from her eyes. Jack himself couldn’t believe what he had just said, seeing (y/n) crying because of him tore him up inside, but he hid that fact.

“Now, I’ll only say it one more time: stay away from me, unless you wanna get hurt.” And with that, he flew off. (y/n) looked to the side and saw the baby doll, she took it into her hands as more tears ran down her cheeks. A furry paw was presented to her, she looked up, Bunny was offering it to help her up. She smiled through her tears and accepted his help.

“Thanks, and I’m really sorry about all this Bunny.” He surprised her by wrapping his huge arms around her, holding her close to his soft chest.

“It’s alright love, at least Pitch didn’t do anything to you.” (y/n) cried silently into Bunny’s chest. Bunny waited patiently until he heard her cries diminish.

“Yes, thank you Bunny, you’re too kind,” (y/n) said as the last of her tears fell.

“Don’t mention it (y/n),” Bunny said, wiping a tear away. (y/n) stood on her tiptoes and placed a soft kiss on Bunny’s nose, making him blush so hard, it was seen through his white fur around his cheeks. She giggled, then began to walk away.

“(y/n), where are you going?” Bunny asked.

“I . . . . . I’m going to find Jack.”


“I know he didn’t mean what he just said, I need to let him know that I’m not giving up just yet.” Bunny gently grabbed her by the shoulder.

“No (y/n), if you go out there, Pitch could do something to you, come back to the pole with us, you’ll be safe there.” (y/n) pushed Bunny’s hand away, “Sorry Bunny, but I know that there’s something Jack and I can do to turn all this around.”

“(y/n), don’t do this, you’ll put yourself in danger.”

“And I’ll happily do it if it can save everyone. Best of luck to you and the other two.” (y/n) flew away, determined to find Jack.


After a long while of just flying around and not finding Jack, (y/n) seated herself on top of a tall tree in a forest.

'It’s no use, I can’t find him. Think! If I were a troubled winter spirit, where would I go?' And then it struck her, 'Wait, what about Antarctica? I haven’t checked there yet!'

“Why, isn’t this a pleasant surprise?” (y/n) almost fell out of the tree from the sound of the sudden voice, “and what are we up to?”
Pitch asked. (y/n) glared, “Leave me alone Pitch, I’m looking for Jack.”

“My, this is such a coincidence, I’m looking for him as well, why don’t we look for him together.”

“I’m not going anywhere with you!” In an attempt to loose Pitch, (y/n) flew fast in a random direction, zigzagging and cutting through paths. When she thought she had lost him, she stopped in an open space in the forest.

“Now that he’s gone, time to see Jack.”

“I’m afraid you’re mistaken my dear.” There was Pitch again.

“Gah! Don’t you have something better to do then to tag along with me to find Jack!?”

“I’m afraid finding Jack is my top priority as of now.”


“That’s for me to know and for you to find out. But since you’re here, might as well give you an offer. Why not join me?”


“I can feel the power inside you, it is great, but don’t you think you’re wasting it trying to help those guardians?”

“No, I don’t. And besides, how would someone who wields light like me be able to help someone who wields darkness like you?”

“Haven’t you heard the saying? ‘The stronger your light, the greater your shadow.’ If that’s true, then your hidden darkness will be all so powerful. All you would need is a touch of my darkness, and that shadow will come forward.”

“As if! I’ll never join you! Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got to go.”

“I think not, unless you don’t care what happens to her,” Pitch held up his fist, Baby Tooth was caught in it.

“Baby Tooth!” As (y/n) lunged forward, Pitch’s fist tightened, she was forced to stay back, otherwise Baby Tooth will suffer the consequences.

“Now, let’s try this again, come with me, or Baby Tooth gets it!” Baby Tooth gave (y/n) a look that said “don’t listen to him!” (y/n) clenched her teeth, but then said, “Ok.”

“I knew we could work things out.” Black sand coiled itself around (y/n)’s wrists, forcing them behind her back and hardening, acting like rope.

“Ok, you have me, now let her go.”

“Very well,” Pitch unraveled his fist and Baby Tooth immediately flew and hid inside (y/n)’s dress pocket.

“Now, you have an idea of where Jack could be?”

“If I were a winter spirit in a bad mood, I’d go somewhere were it’s cold year round, I believe that he could be in Antarctica.”

“My, you are a clever girl,” Pitch said, grabbing (y/n) hard by the arm, “let’s go shall we?”


(y/n) found herself in darkness for a period of time. There, she couldn’t reach for her powers to help her out. But she wasn’t concerned about that, her main worry was about Jack.

'If Pitch so as much scratches Jack, I’m gonna make him wish he was never born!!' The darkness suddenly began to vanish, and (y/n) found herself in Antarctica, being gripped hard on the arm by Pitch and there before her was Jack, with a shocked look on his face.


“Jack!” Pitch conjured up his sand and created a dagger. he held it to
(y/n)’s throat.

“No!!” Jack wanted to attack, but knew that if he did, Pitch would slit (y/n)’s neck. He still pointed his staff at Pitch while glaring.

“Don’t you dare hurt her!”

“The staff Jack!!” Pitch demanded, “you have a bad habit of interfering, now hand it over, and I’ll let her go,” he pressed the blade harder on (y/n) neck, causing her to whimper.

“Jack . . . . don’t do it . . .” she managed to say. Jack stood in his stance, but then dropped it and held out his staff to Pitch. Pitch sneered and dropped his dagger, grabbing Jack’s staff.

“Alright, now let her go.”

“. . . . . no.” Jack’s face now showed concern, fearful for (y/n)’s safety, “you said you wanted to be alone, so 'be' alone!!” Baby Tooth suddenly flew out of (y/n)’s pocket and stabbed at Pitch’s hand that held her with her beak. Pitch yelped, letting go of (y/n), but there wasn’t much she could do still tied up with his sand. Pitch reached out, grabbed Baby Tooth, and threw her hard into the distance.

“No!!” (y/n) shouted.

“Quiet you!” Pitch shoved her down to the ground.

“(y/n)!!” But before Jack could run to her side, Pitch held the staff in both of his hands and snapped it in two. Jack yelled out in agony.

“NO!! JACK!!” Pitch attacked him with his sand, sending Jack away and into a deep fissure in the ground, knocking him out.

“No . . . . . oh please no.” (y/n) felt Pitch grab her and hoist her up roughly. Dragging her along, Pitch examined the fissure where Jack had fallen into. Jack’s body was limp and unmoving.

“Jack!! Jack can you hear me!? Please say something!”

“He’ll never hear you again my dear,” Pitch said, throwing Jack’s broken staff to him, “but out of the kindness of my heart, I think I’ll leave him with something to remember you by,” he ripped the headband from (y/n)’s head, “to remind him how he failed to protect you in the end.”

“Hey!! Give that back!!” Pitch only chuckled as he threw her headband, it landed right next to Jack.

“Jack . . . . no . . .”
this is probably not my best chapter in my opinion, but i hope you all enjoy! thank you all so much for reading! i really didn't expect all the positive feedback! once again, thank you all!! ^_^

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