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January 18, 2013
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In the air, (y/n) tried to find Jack and Sandy, or at least a trace of them. All of a sudden, ahead of her, a Nightmare was galloping through the air.

"Oh no you don't!" (y/n) shouted, giving chase to the Nightmare and forgetting about finding Jack or Sandy. The Nightmare tried to loose her upon noticing that it was being chased, it weaved through alleys and turned sharply at corners, but (y/n) was determined to catch it. (y/n) held her arm out and began to blast the nightmare with her light, hoping to destroy it. After dodging a few of her attacks, one of her blasts finally got it, reducing it into nothing.

"Whew, that was quite a workout," (y/n) said, landing on a flat roof and taking deep breaths.

"(y/n)!!" She turned her head, there was Jack, on a roof located just across from when she was.

"Jack!" With a flying leap, she joined him.

"Finally caught up slowpoke?" Jack teased.

"Hey! You flew off before I did, plus I spotted a Nightmare, I couldn't let that nasty thing get away," (y/n) noticed something strange on the ground, it looked like frozen, black sand, "Jack, what's that?"

"Oh right! Took care of a Nightmare myself. Just look at this thing," he said, poking at it with his staff.

"Frost," a familiar voice said. Jack was the first to look back. It was Pitch. Jack fired his staff, but Pitch disappeared before the frost could hit him.

"You know, for a neutral party, you spend an awful lot of time with those weirdos." Pitch reappeared on a higher leveled roof. Just like back at Tooth's palace, Jack stood in front of (y/n) defensively, remembering Pitch's threat to her.

"And still defending your precious angel are you?"

"Shut up! And you made it my fight when you stole those teeth!!"

"You made it mine as well!" (y/n) said from behind Jack.

"Teeth? Why do you care about the teeth?" But before Pitch could get an answer, he felt a presence near him. Following his instincts, he looked to his side. Standing next to him was Sandy, arms crossed and with a mad look on his face. Pitch jumped back a bit, not knowing how Sandy got there without anyone noticing. He recovered quickly and let out a chuckle.

"Now this is who I'm looking for." Without warning, Sandy lashed out at Pitch with his dream sand, formed into whips. Pitch fought back with his own sand transformed into a scythe. As they two fought, Sandy saw an opening and caught Pitch, tying his wrists together and throwing him hard against the walls and floor. And for good measure, Sandy launched Pitch off the roof, causing for him to hit a car and land roughly on the street. Jack and (y/n) joined Sandy, impressed with his power.

"Remind me not to get on your bad side," Jack said. Sandy floated down to the streets. When Jack saw that (y/n) was going to follow, he stopped her, grabbing her by the wrist.

"(y/n), stay close to me, what Pitch said back at Tooth's place has been bothering me, and I just . . . ." he slid his hand down, now holding (y/n)'s hand, "I just wanna make sure he doesn't do anything that can hurt you." (y/n) blushed, but smiled and wrapped her fingers around Jack's hand. "Got it." They both jumped down to join Sandy, who watched as Pitch struggled to get to his feet.

"Okay, easy. You can't blame me for trying Sandy. You don't know what it's like to be weak and hated," Pitch finally managed to stand up, "it was stupid of me to mess with your dreams. So, I tell you what," he suddenly said in a scary voice, "You're gonna have them back." Nightmares appeared by the dozens, neighing and snorting, surrounding the three.

"You take the ones on the left I take the ones on the right and (y/n) watches our backs?" Jack said, although it sounded more like a question. Pitch mounted a Nightmare and approached them, Sandy got his sand ready for attack and (y/n)'s hands glowed, ready as well to fight. Pitch smirked.

"Boo!" The Nightmares charged. Sandy whipped them, destroying them, Jack froze them, and (y/n) blasted them and shielded herself when necessary, but there were simply too many for them to fight on their own. Then, above them, they saw the sleigh with the rest of the guardians in it, still trying to become fully awake from their sleep. Sandy grabbed Jack and (y/n) by the hands and lifted them up, launching them into the sky so the Nightmares could follow, thus allowing North, Bunny, and Tooth to fight them with open space. Now in the air, Jack and (y/n) really let loose on their attacks. As (y/n) fought alongside Jack, in their blind spot, a Nightmare charged at them, but was destroyed by Tooth before it could touch them. From the ground, Pitch led his army to the skies. Bunny leaped from the sleigh when it was close to the ground and attacked the Nightmares that were going up with his boomerang. North swung his huge blades around with a jolly laugh, slicing the Nightmares one after another. Jack and (y/n) were back to back, two Nightmares galloped at them.

"Dive!" Jack shouted, and they both did a pencil dive in the air. The Nightmares crashed into eachother. But out of nowhere, another Nightmare clashed onto the two, separating them and causing for Jack to loose his staff. (y/n) recovered quickly, going after Jack's staff and grabbing it before it could fall any lower. Looking up, she saw that Jack had landed on North's sleigh's wings, Bunny seemed to have told him something and Jack ducked, avoiding a hit form his boomerang. She flew up to the sleigh.

"Jack, here," she handed him his staff.

"Oh, thank you Angel, you really saved me."

Meanwhile, Sandy was having a tough time defending himself again the black sand and Nightmares, lashing out with his whip didn't seem to lessen the numbers of Nightmares and amount of black sand that were there, but he kept trying. Jack noticed that Sandy was in trouble.

"We gotta help Sandy!!" North nodded and cracked the reigns, heading towards Sandy's fight. Not known to anyone, Pitch created an arrow with his sand, pulled back on an imaginary bow, and fired. It hit Sandy in the back.

"NOOOO!!" Jack screamed. Riding the wind, he flew in hopes of
helping Sandy.

"Jack!" (y/n) flew after him.

"Jack! (y/n)!!" North called, urging the reindeer to fly faster. Pitch's laughter filled the skies.

"Don't fight the fear little man! Hahahaha!!" Tooth tried to go and help, but the Nightmares had the sleigh surrounded, preventing any passage. North knew that it was up to Jack and (y/n).

"Hurry Jack! Hurry little Angel!!" Jack and (y/n) pushed themselves harder.

"I'd say 'sweetdreams,' but there aren't any left," Pitch said as Sandy fell to his knees on his sand cloud. The black sand invaded his body, weakening him and consuming him. Before long, there was no trace of Sandy anywhere.

"Sandy?" North said, not believing what he was seeing. Jack and (y/n) couldn't believe it either.

"This can't be," (y/n) said, holding back any tears that threatened to fall.

"No . . . . NOOOOOOOO!!" The wind carrying Jack got stronger, sending him forward at full speed. Pitch saw Jack coming, he gathered his black sand and hurled it at Jack, it was in the form of a huge wave, one you would see at the beach. Jack tried to fall back, but the wave was coming in fast.

"Jack!!" (y/n) screamed, she couldn't bear the thought of loosing another one of her dear friends in one day. With all of her strength, she flew in front of Jack and braced herself, ready to take the full hit for him. As the wave collided on (y/n) and Jack, a bright light shone through the wave, and it dispersed. The light was coming from Jack. His entire body shone white and shot a shockwave of his power. His power froze the black sand wave, it traveled throughout the entire thing, exploding and reaching Pitch. He gave a look of shock and was hit with Jack's blast, knocking him in for a loop. The sudden blast of power made Jack lightheaded and he began to fall, but (y/n) was there to catch him. With Jack in her arms, (y/n) flew down and landed in North's sleigh, gently setting him down on the seats. Jack groaned from the strain, but all in all, he was ok.

"Jack, how'd you do that?" (y/n) asked.

"I . . . I didn't know I could." North created a portal back to the Pole.


The remaining three guardians held a little ceremony in Sandy's honor. The elves and yetis joined in as well, and although no one said anything, they all knew what the other was thinking: Sandy will be missed greatly. (y/n) watched from a wooden beam up in the ceiling. After it was over, she wondered where Jack was, not seeing him anywhere during the ceremony. Flying around the workshop, she looked for him until she found him in a corner next to a window with his hood up. With his frost, he created a picture of Sandy on the window. She knew that Sandy's demise affected him the most, seeing as he was pretty close to the dream spirit. (y/n) quietly sat herself behind him, he must've been deep in his thoughts, for he didn't notice that she was even there until she slung her arms around him and leaned her head against his back.

"Uh . . . . huh?"

"I miss him too Jack. I'm sorry." Jack placed a hand over both of her's.

"It wasn't your fault."

"It wasn't yours either Jack." Jack sighed.

"(y/n), listen, I don't want you fighting with us anymore." (y/n) unwrapped her arms and sat up.

"What? What are you saying?" Jack turned around, now facing her.

"You should go back and help the kids, better for you to be there then
here fighting."

"Jack, I want to help, Pitch needs to pay for what he did to Sandy."

"But, if you help, you could meet the same fate. Remember what he said to you at Tooth's place?"

"Jack, I can't let Pitch's petty little threat scare me." Jack surprised (y/n) by throwing his arms around her and holding her close to him.


"But I can't risk loosing you either," he said, burying his face in her shoulder, "you're the first person to ever see me in 300 years, you honestly have no idea how happy I was when I found out that you could actually see me." (y/n)'s heart beat hard against her chest, she slowly returned Jack's hug. "I was happy too Jack." They held eachother for a while, then later parted.

"And (y/n), even though it was reckless, thank you for protecting me. Seeing you risk yourself like that for me, I think that's what brought that power out of me, I wanted nothing more then to save you from getting hurt."

"Oh uh, you're welcome. Guess you're not the only one who can be reckless, eh Jack?" he chuckled, "although it was a really stupid move."

"Stupid," Jack reached out and tucked a hair behind (y/n)'s ear, "but brave." (y/n) invented new shades of red as she blushed uncontrollably. Jack's hand traveled down past her cheek down to her chin, which he lifted gently to look into her eyes. They both started into eachother's eyes lovingly. Before (y/n) knew it, he was slowly leaning his face closer to hers.

'Is he gonna!!?' (y/n) saw Jack close his eyes as his face inched closer to hers. 'Holy Northern lights! He is!!' Swallowing nervously, (y/n) closed her eyes as Jack's lips were only centimeters away form hers . . . .

"Ahem!" Jack quickly pulled away, facing the window to hide his blush.

"Um . . . hello North," (y/n) said, trying to regain her composure.

"Hello. Jack, are you alright?" Feeling that his face has gone back to normal, Jack looked at North as he answered, "I just uh . . . I wish I
could've done something."

"Done something? Jack, you stood up to Pitch, you saved us."

"But Sandy-" Jack started.

"Would be proud of what you did," North finished. Jack pulled back his hood and stood up, digging his hands into his hoodie's pocket.

"I don't know who you were in your past life, but in this life, you are guardian," North looked down at (y/n) who was still seated next to the window, "same goes for you (y/n)."

"But, how can we know who we are until we find out who we were?" Jack asked.

"You will. I feel it, in my belly," North said, patting his large belly. (y/n) let out a giggle while Jack just smiled. They walked back to where everyone was, but then noticed something going on with the globe. The lights were going out at an alarming rate!

"Look how fast they're going out!" Tooth said. Jack flew up next to the globe, "It's fear . . ."

"Hey, buck up you sad sacks," Bunny said, hopping in front of everyone, "we can still turn this around. Easter is tomorrow, and I need your help. I say we pull out all the stuffs, and we get those lights flickering again!"

"Um, I might know of a way that we can get a head start on it," (y/n) said.

"Do share my dear, we need all the help we can get," North said.

"Well, while we were collecting the teeth, there were some children I wanted to help, but I knew that we had to hurry. But then, this happened," her hands shone brightly, light flowed from her them like an aurora does in the sky. And as it did, something cam out of the light's flow, it was little fairies the were made purely of (y/n)'s light. They had the appearance of a young girl with fairy wings. Soon, hundreds of the fairies flew around the workshop, giving quite a show by dancing elegantly in the air.

"Wow!! What is this!?" Bunny asked, holding a fairy that flew close by

"I just call them Sparkle Fairies, they're not as strong as I am, but they can still do what I do. I may not have powers like Sandy's, but I know that this could help us a little, after all, fear is what I help the children with. Ok girls!" (y/n) clapped her hands loudly and the fairies gathered around (y/n) as she gave them their orders, "You bunch cover Europe," the group in charge of that nodded and flew out the window. As (y/n) gave out the rest of her orders, Tooth leaned over to Jack saying, "Kinda reminds me of what I do with my fairies."

"Wonderful idea little (y/n)!" North commented as the last of the Sparkle Fairies flew off.

"Oh, it's nothing," (y/n) said, chuckling. Instantly, the lights began to shine again, but very slowly and few, but they were there. North knew that they had another chance.

"Everyone! Follow me!!" They all followed North to the elevator.

"Bunny's right! As much as it pains me to say it old friend, this time Easter is," he kicked the door open, "more important then Christmas." Bunny had shock written all over his face.

"Hey! Did everyone hear that!!?" (y/n) laughed lightly, "Yes we did Bunny."

"We must hurry to the Warren. Everyone, to the sleigh!!"

"We're going on the sleigh again!!?" (y/n) asked with excitement.

"Oh no mate," Bunny said, hopping in front of everybody, "my Warren, my rules. Buckle up." He tapped the floor twice and a hole big enough for North, Tooth, Jack, (y/n), an elf and two yetis opened up. North said something in Russian that (y/n) didn't understand before everyone fell in. (y/n) would've had a bumpy ride if it were not for Jack grabbing her hand at the last minute, allowing her to regain her balance. They both enjoyed sliding through the tunnel on their feet, doing loops just like North did with the sleigh, while everyone else slid on their butts, except for Tooth who flew. They all eventually made it to Bunny's Warren. North landed on his back, and he chuckled, "Haha, 'buckle up,' is very funny."

"Welcome to the Warren!" Bunny greeted. Next to (y/n), a tall column shaped like an egg suddenly moved around with legs.

"Yeek!!" she jumped and hid behind Bunny. He chuckled and patted her head, "It's alright love, they-" He stopped himself. His ears twitched and his nose picked up something.

"Something's up," he said, looking into one of his tunnel's exits. A sound was heard, it sounded like screeching. Bunny drew his boomerang, North his twin blades, Tooth's wings flapped harder, Jack held his staff at the ready, and (y/n)'s hand's glowed. Everyone let out a war cry and charged. Out came Sophie holding some unpainted eggs. She looked up at the with surprise in her eyes.

"Sophie?" Jack asked. Everyone chuckled nervously as they backed down and put their weapons away. She noticed the elf and dropped the eggs, giving it chase.

"Elf elf elf!!" she cried happily.

"What is she doing here!!?" Bunny asked no one in particular, very dumbfounded with the fact that Sophie found a way into his Warren.
North patted himself down, realizing that his snowglobe that opened portals wasn't with him.

"Ah, snowglobe."

"Cricky! Someone do something!!"

"Don't look at us," Jack said with (y/n) beside him, speaking for the both of them and waving his hands in form of him, "we're invisible,
remember?" Sophie managed to catch the elf and was now dragging it around by its' hat, which it wasn't enjoying it at all.

"Don't worry bunny," Tooth said, flying around Sophie, catching her attention, "I bet she's a fairy fan." She struck a pose. "It's ok little one."

"Pretty," Sophie commented.

"Oooh, you know what? I got something for you." Tooth cupped her hand together then unraveled them, "here it is." It was teeth, "Look at all the pretty teeth! With little blood and gum on them." Sophie looked at her, then cried out screaming and crying, running away. Jack walked by Tooth, "Blood and gums?" he asked, chuckling. He flew and sat on top of a egg column, "When was the last time you guys actually hung out with kids?"

"We are very busy bringing joy to children! We don't have time-" Sophie laughed cutely as she ran by the three guardians, chasing some butterflies and catching North's attention for a second, "for children . . . ." North then realized that didn't sound right.

"If one little kid can ruin Easter," Jack said, twirling a snowflake he created around his hand, "you're in worse shape then I thought." The snowflake floated from Jack's hand and glided over to Bunny, hitting him on the nose. But then (y/n) noticed the same blue sparkles she saw when Jack was having fun with those kids the other day. Bunny blinked a few times before a smile appeared on his face. He led Sophie to a flower that was closed and just about to open. When it did, a plain, white egg hopped off it with two little legs.

"Wanna make some eggs? Yeah?" Bunny asked Sophie in a way that a father would speak to his daughter when they played.

"Okay!!" Sophie cheered. In no time, there what appeared to be a huge army of eggs walking around, getting ready to be painted. (y/n) watched them from a high rock.

"Sweet sparkles, that's alot of eggs," she said.

"Uhh, how much time do we have?" Jack asked, perched on his staff. His question remained unanswered. Bunny got Sophie on his back and gave her a ride around the unpainted eggs that were passing by some Lilies of the Valley. The flowers suddenly shot out color, painting the eggs with a base color which ranged form green, blue, purple, yellow, all the colors that would represent spring. (y/n) eyed the flowers and looked back at Jack, a silly smirk appearing on her face. She plucked the flower bulb from a Lily of the Valley, pleased that it was still shooting its' color. Sneaking up behind Jack, she aimed it and out shot a huge puff of the color, scaring Jack.

"Whoa!!" He looked back, seeing (y/n) holding the flower.

"Hey!! What'd you do!? . . . . Huh? What's so funny?" Once again, his question wasn't answered, (y/n) fell back on the soft grass, laughing loud and hard.

"Hey!! What's gotten into you!!?"

"J-J-Jack!! You-your hair!!" (y/n) managed to get out between laughs.

"Huh? What about it?" He looked up and only saw the tips of his bangs, but that was enough to see why (y/n) was laughing so hard.

"Oh no, you've gotta be kidding me!!" He walked over to a pond and saw his reflection. His once pure white hair was now a pretty pink.

"Aw man!!" (y/n) sat up from her laughing fit, wiping the tears from her eyes.

"You know, pink is totally your color," she joked. North saw Jack's hair as well.

"Jack!! Hahahaha!! What happened to your hair!?"

"Blame a certain little angel, or should I say a little devil."

"Heh, the only one to blame here is yourself, if I recall, you did tell me to lighten up a bit, have some fun." Jack scoffed, but smiled small.

"Well, I guess I did say that." He dunked his head into the clear water and the color drained form his hair, turing it back into white.

"Awwww, what'd you do that for? Pink really did suite you."

"Very funny," Jack said. He then noticed a running river in the color purple. The eggs jumped in and came out in beautiful, shining multicolors, the same happened to the elf who was pushed in by the marching eggs, although he seemed to enjoy the fact that he was very colorful. That gave Jack the perfect idea for revenge. After shaking his hair dry, he flew towards (y/n), picking her up by her legs and throwing her over his shoulder.

"Jack! Hey! Put me down!!"

"Not until I get my revenge!!"

"Your wh-ahhhh!" Jack dropped her into the river and stood by the edge, ready to see the results. A few moments passed and (y/n) popped out of the river, coughing.

"Jack, you didn't have to dunk me into the ri-" she saw her arm, which was in many different colors. Now it was Jack's turn to laugh hysterically.

"Oh man! Where's a camera when you need it!!?" (y/n) was now covered in every color of spring, from her hair, to her dress, to her limbs, even her tongue.

"Jack Frost!!" (y/n) lunged out and grabbed Jack by the collar of his hoodie, "you're coming with me!!"

"What!!? Ahhh!" With a strong tug, (y/n) pulled Jack into the river with her, not that it mattered since she was already colorful. Both spirits pulled themselves up onto the bank of the river. Jack examined himself, he was now colorful like (y/n).

"You know (y/n)?"


"You're a really fun person to be around with."

"Thanks. The same goes for you."

"I must say, you look pretty good with all those colors, they seem to go with your eyes."

"Hmph, and now your hair really looks good." They both laughed at eachother before jumping into the clear pond, cleaning off the color from themselves.

"Oi!" Bunny called to them, having noticed their little fun with his flowers and river, "enough playing around! Easter is just around the corner!"

"Sorry Bunny!" (y/n) said. Jack and she followed Bunny who led Sophie to the egg tunnels where all the eggs go to be brought out into the world. The place was surrounded by lilacs and trees. They all watched as the eggs walked through the tunnels, ready for Easter.

"Wow, they're all beautiful," (y/n) said, sitting to the left of Bunny.

"Not bad," Jack agreed, squatting down to Bunny's right. Sophie was in Bunny's arms, slowly falling asleep from all the excitement she had.

"Not bad yourself," Bunny said back at Jack. He turned his head to (y/n), "you too." Jack and (y/n) smiled back at Bunny.

"Look, I'm sorry about the whole . . . you know, the 'kangaroo' thing," Jack apologized.

"It's the accident, isn't it?" Bunny asked. Jack chuckled. Bunny then looked down at Sophie, who was very close to sleep. North and Tooth soon came by.

"Aw poor little ankle-biter, look at her, all tuckered out."

"I love her," Tooth said lovingly. Sophie sighed sleepily before sleep
overtook her, "I think it's time to get her home." Tooth began to take Sophie into her arms.

"How bout I take her home?" Jack offered.

"Jack no. Pitch is-"

"No match for this," Jack interrupted, holding out his staff.

"Which is why we need you here with us," Bunny said.

"Trust me, I'll be quick as a bunny."

"Well, ok," Tooth handed Sophie to Jack.

"Hey, I'll go with Jack," (y/n) said.

"(y/n), you're the last person we want out there in the open. Who knows what Pitch'll do to ya," Bunny said, resting his paw on her shoulder. (y/n) took his paw into her hands, "Don't worry, if what Pitch says is true, then I'm more powerful then I seem. And besides, I'll be with Jack, I'll be fine," she assured.

"Well, ok then," Bunny eyed Jack dangerously, "you better take care of her mate."

"Sure thing!" Jack said, unaffected by Bunny's dangerous stare. Baby Tooth flew around the two, indicating that she wanted to come along as well.

"Well, the more the merrier as they say."
well, i did my very best on this part, hope you all enjoy and feel like it was worth the wait!! and thank you for all the support!! you guys are what keep me writing!! ^_^

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