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January 1, 2013
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North led them to an elevator and took them up a few floors. All around them, there were yetis working on toys, using ice sculptures made by North as a model as they built the toys.

"Nothing personal but," Jack said as they got off the elevator, "what you all do it's just not my thing."

"Or mine," (y/n) said, following them.

"Man in Moon says it is your thing," North said, signing something on a clipboard that a yeti held out. He walked briskly through the work place, (y/n) and Jack tried to keep up, all while trying to absorb the sight of everything around them.

"Slow down would ya!? I've been trying to bust in here for years! I wanna good look," Jack said, looking up and around.

"What do you mean 'bust in'?" North and (y/n) asked at the same time.

"Oh don't worry, never get past the yetis." (y/n) just couldn't believe the sight before her. Toys were everywhere. All kinds of toys, there were toy castles, fire trucks, dolls, action figures, instruments, just about everything you could think of. She passed a yeti working on some hair accessories. She stopped and looked when something caught her eye. It was a headband, neatly glued onto the white band in perfect little rows were little, yellow rhinestones that glittered in the light. They covered the entire band. It was simple, yet lovely.
"Wow, you made this?" (y/n) asked the yeti. He nodded with a proud smile on his face.

"It's really beautiful. A little girl will be so happy when she gets this."

"Then how bout you become that little girl?" And before anyone could process anything, Jack snatched the headband off the table and fitted it onto (y/n)'s head.


"Heh, it looks really good on you."

"Thank you for the compliment, but that was very rude. This isn't for me," (y/n) removed the headband and held it out to the yeti, "I'm really sorry about that." The yeti looked it it, and then, gently with one of his hands, push the headband back to her as if to say "you can keep it."

"Really? A-a-are you sure?" The yeti nodded. (y/n) smiled and placed the headband back on her head.

"Thank you."

"Hey, don't I get any thanks?" Jack asked.

"You took it without permission."

"Aww come on! I technically gave it to you!"

"Oh fine, thank you Jack." The two caught up to North.

"Hey North," (y/n) said.

"Da my dear?"

"I always thought the elves made the toys."

"We just let them believe that," he whispered to her as they passed some elves messing around with some Christmas lights.

"Very nice, keep up good work," North encouraged as they continued to walk. They continued until they ended up what looked like to be North's office. There was a fireplace, some toys hung form the ceiling, on the desk was blocks of ice, some were molded into models of toys, other were either yet to be used, or half finished. North looked at the two and then grabbed something from a shelf.

"Fruitcake?" he asked, offering it to the two young spirits.

"Uhhhh, no thanks," Jack said. North looked at (y/n), "No thank you North," she said. North simply tossed the cake aside. Then he suddenly popped his knuckles, "Now we get down to business."

"Huh?" Jack asked.

The door behind them closed abruptly and locked itself. (y/n) yelped at the sudden motion and Jack looked back, but when they both turned back around, North was walking up to them with a scary look on his face. (y/n) hid behind Jack, holding on to his shoulder with one of her hands.

"Who are you, Jack Frost and Angel of Light?" North said as he continued to approach them. Jack and (y/n) stepped back until (y/n) had her back against the door. North leaned down until he was face-to-face with Jack.

"Is your center?"

"Our center?" (y/n) asked from behind Jack, still a little freaked out by North's intimidating look.

"If Man in Moon chose you two to be guardians, you must have something very special inside." North backed up and rubbed under his lip, thinking.

"Hmmmmmmm." His face showed that he had an idea. Walking over to a shelf, he grabbed a matryoshka doll that resembled him.

"Here, this is how you see me, no? Very big, intimidating."

'Heh, you're telling me,' (y/n) thought, coming out from her hiding place behind Jack, now standing next to him.

"But if you get to know me a little," North held the doll out to Jack, who took it with a puzzled look, "well, go on." Jack laid his staff to the side and opened the matryoshka doll, to reveal another North, but this time with a happy look.

"You are downright jolly?" he said. North nodded, "But not just jolly." Jack opened the doll again.

"I'm also mysterious, and fearless, and caring," with every emotion North mentioned, Jack got closer and closer to the center of the doll.

"And at my center," North held out his hand, Jack dropped the last doll into North's palm. It was a tiny, wooden baby.

"There's a tiny wooden baby," Jack said (Hey! I just said that Jack!!), rubbing his forehead, wondering what North is trying to get at.

"Look closer," North suggested, putting the baby doll into Jack's hand. Jack held it up and did what he was told, along with (y/n). But they didn't know what they were supposed to look for.

"What do you see?" North asked them both. Unable to see anything else besides the obvious, (y/n) answered, "You have big eyes."

"Yes!!" North cheered, "big eyes. Very big," he said, putting his hands on Jacks and (y/n) shoulders, "because they are full of wonder." North walked over to his desk and pointed to all the toys around his office and the sculptures he's made. "That is my center. It is what I was born with. Eyes that only see the wonder in everything." A toy dragonfly somehow got switched on and flew on its' own, it headed towards the door, which opened for it, and out into the toy factory. North, Jack, and (y/n) followed it. Now all kinds of new toys were floating in the air. Jack and (y/n) could only stare in awe as North continued to talk.

"Eyes that see light in the trees, and the magic in the air. It's wonder is what I put into the world. And what I protect in children. It is what makes me a guardian."

Jack looked down at the baby doll in his hand again, (y/n) did the same.

"It is my center. What are yours?" Jack and (y/n) sighed deeply.

"I don't know," they said in unison and with sad looks on their faces. North could only smile and curled Jack's fingers over the doll. Even though he didn't say anything, with his actions, he said, "You'll eventually find out." (y/n) and Jack smiled back. But then, all three saw something fly by the window. That's when Bunny came by.

"We have a problem mates. Trouble at the Tooth Palace."


Everyone followed North out to where he said he keeps his sleigh.

"Boy boys!!" he said, clapping his hands, and the yetis went right to work.

"North! North! I told you I'm not going with you guys!" Jack said, trying to get through to their heads. (y/n) on the other hand, was getting excited about riding in North's sleigh.

"Aww come on Jack, it'll be fun," she said, trying to get Jack excited as well. Jack only scoffed.

"There's no way I'm getting on some rickety, old . . ." he slowed himself down when he saw the gates open and the sleigh was being pulled out, "sleigh?"

The first thing to come out were the reindeer. They weren't at all what Jack and (y/n) were expecting. They stood tall and strong, bucking and stomping on the ground hard, almost resembling horses. One noticed (y/n) and thrusted forward with his antlers, almost getting her.

"Yeeek!!" she shouted and jumped back, hitting something in the process.

"Haha, you ok?" Jack asked. She was leaning backwards against his chest as he held her up by her arms.

"Oh, uh," she straightened herself up and looked away, hiding her blush, "I-I'm fine." And then, the sleigh itself came out. It was nothing what Jack was expecting. It was so big, had a bunch of seats, wings on the sides to help it in flight, and a globe propped in the front. He remained speechless for a moment until he said, "Ok, one ride, but that's it!"

"Everyone loves de sleigh," North said with a smile and a laugh. Jack hopped into the sleigh. Sandy seated himself in the back. When Jack saw that (y/n) was coming in next, he held out his hand to her.

"Oh, thank you Jack," (y/n) said, taking his hand, he pulled her up next to him.

"No problem my lady," Jack said with a silly bow. (y/n) giggled. Bunny glared at Jack's attempts to flirt, but then got a little worried looking at the sleigh.

"Bunny! What are you waiting for!!?" North asked, seeing that Bunny hasn't gotten into the sleigh.

"I think my tunnels might be faster mate," he said, hitting the side of the sleigh with his foot and watching it wobble a little.

"And um, and safer. (y/n), maybe you should come with me instead. You could get hurt in this love."

"Oh come on Bunny, this'll be fun!" (y/n) encouraged.

"Ah you heard the lady. Get in!" North grabbed Bunny by his leather sash and plopped him down into a seat.

"Buckle up!" North said. Bunny looked around him, but there were no sign of any seat belts.

"Whoa whoa whoa, where're the bloody seat belts!?" he asked, more nervous then ever.

"Ha! That was just expression!!" North turned his attention to the yetis that were making a few last checks on the sleigh, "are we ready!!?" The yetis spoke to him in their language, quickly finishing some adjustments. Then they all stepped back.

"Yaaah!!" North shouted, and with a snap from the reigns, the reindeer were off. Poor Bunny was almost thrown back, he dug his claws in the wood, making claw marks on it. Jack chuckled at him, knowing how scared he was. They all when into an icy tunnel, with Bunny screaming all the way. (y/n) and Jack stood up during the ride, enjoying it and looking around with wonder. At one point, North then pulled a lever and then sleigh went into a loop on the icy walls, clinging onto the ceiling.

"I hope you like de loopy-loop!!" he shouted. Bunny was about to gag, but he held it back, "I hope you like carrots!!" he shouted back, knowing that North was messing with him. Sandy raised his arms into the air like you would in a roller coaster ride. Light was seen at the end of the tunnel, and the road ended.

"Here we go!!" Jack stood one of the edges of the sleigh, cheering loudly when the sleigh was in the air. (y/n) cheered along with him, with Bunny trying to get her to sit back down. Now in the air, the sleigh went even faster and did even more loops in the air. Jack walked to the back of the sleigh and looked at where he had been. After finally giving up in trying to get (y/n) to sit down, Bunny sunk himself down in the sleigh, trying to calm down, yet looking sick.

"Oh," he groaned.

"Bunny, you ok?" (y/n) asked, "you don't look so good."

"I-I'm fine (y/n)," he said, trying to keep his voice straight.

"Hey Bunny," Jack said, kneeling down from where he was, "check out this view-" he didn't finish, when he stood up while taking, a great, gust of wind blew him right off the sleigh.

"Jack!!" (y/n) screamed. Before she could walk over to the back to help him, Bunny grabbed her arm.

"No, let me," he said. Slowly, but eventually, Bunny looked down from the sleigh . . . . . and there was Jack, seated on the sleigh's landing gear.

"Awwww, you do care," Jack said, grinning slyly at Bunny. Bunny glared, "Oh rack off you bloody show-pony!!" he said angrily, and got back into his previous position in the sleigh. (y/n) chuckled, "Oh Bunny, you don't hate Jack after all," she said with a smile and patted his furry head.

"Uhhhh, yeah yeah, whatever," he mumbled. Jack skipped back into the sleigh.

"And thank you (y/n) for your concern."

"Oh, you had me worried for a minute," (y/n) said,giving him a stern look, but then it softened, "but I guess we both learned one thing from this: Bunny doesn't hate you."


"Hold on everyone!! I know a shortcut!!" North announced. Bunny groaned even more.

"Oh, I knew I should've taken the tunnel!!" North pulled out a plain snowglobe and gave it a few shakes.

"I'd say, Tooth Place," and he threw it ahead, a portal opened up, just like the one used to bring Jack and (y/n) to his workshop. Another snap from the reigns, and the reindeer flew right into it.
finally got this done!! ^_^ awwww, you got a present from Jack, how sweet lol
hope you all continue to enjoy this!! you, my readers, give me inspiration to keep on writing!! ^_^

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