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February 16, 2013
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Pitch shoved (y/n) into a cage and dismissed the sand that bound her wrists.

“There now, you just stay here and reconsider my offer. I really don’t want to destroy you and have all your powers go to waste.” (y/n) didn’t say anything back, she rolled up in a tight ball and hid her face in her knees.

“Oh, and thank you for your assistance with getting rid of Jack, here’s a little something for your troubles.” (y/n) heard something hit the cage floor beside her, but didn’t lift her head.

“Hmph, you both are so stubborn. If you two would have agreed to join me, none of this would have been necessary, why, you two would be together forever, being believed in.”

“No, we would be feared, and that’s not what we want.”

“Isn’t it better to be feared then loved? Look where love got you, look where love got him! I suggest you put that useless emotion away if you wish to survive.” With that, Pitch left. (y/n) finally lifted her head when she heard Pitch leave and looked at what he threw into the cage, it was her teeth case. She paid no mind to it though, her thoughts were only towards Jack. The sound of his scream from pain echoed through her mind. She ran her fingers through her hair, not feeling the headband Jack gave her, she broke out into tears.

“Oh Jack, please be alright. I can’t bear to loose you. I . . . . . I love you too much.” From the case, she heard the boy’s voice call out to her

“(y/n)!! (y/n)!!” The case began to glow brightly.

“Huh? What?” (y/n) picked it up and examined it. She slowly opened the case, and when she did, all her memories poured into her mind like a waterfall. Memories of her life, friends, family, and most of all, her beloved brother, (b/n). Then came the memory of that faithful day, when she sacrificed herself to save him, it all came to her, every detail of it and every thought that was going through her mind that day. She remembered looking up to the moon in her last moments of being human, despite knowing that she was going to die, there wasn’t a single trace of fear in her, cause her brother, who saw and believed in her as an angel of light, was more then worth dying for.

(y/n) gasped after her memories returned.

‘That was . . . . me . . . I had a family, I had a brother! I saved him!!’ Then a different thought came to her, she looked up at the only opening in the cave and saw the faint moon, “That’s why you chose me,” she said to the moon, “I’m . . . I’m a guardian!” She stood up, “I . . . I’ve got to get outta here somehow.” She inspected the cage, trying to find a weak point or something, even tried blasting the bars with her light, but nothing worked. She kicked at it, making the cage swing a little, “Darn it!!” Loosing her balance from the cage swinging, she fell back down.

‘I need to get back to the other guardians!! But how!?’

“(y/n)!!?” Her head snapped up. ‘Huh? That voice, could it be?’ She stood up and looked around the cave.

“Jack!? Is that you?” Jack appeared at the side of her cage, looking better then ever. Happy tears filled (y/n)’s eyes.

“Jack! You’re ok!”

“Of course, I couldn’t be ok without knowing that you were alright.” He opened the cage and embraced (y/n) in a tight hug.

“I’m just so glad you’re ok. (y/n), I’m sorry about the way I acted back at that Easter egg hunt, please forgive me.”

“Of course Jack.” They separated, “Jack, your staff, how’d you fix it?”

“I’m not too sure myself, but I did. Oh here,” he pulled (y/n)’s headband out of his hoodie pocket, “I believe this belongs to you.” He fitted it back on her head, “There, you look like yourself again.”

“Thank you Jack.” Baby Tooth popped out from Jack’s hood and gave a happy little squeak.

“Baby Tooth! You’re ok as well!!” (y/n) said happily, patting the little fairy on the head.

“Yeah, if it weren’t for her, I wouldn’t have . . . . Oh (y/n), I got my memories back! I remember everything before I became Jack Frost!”

“Me too! I had a brother, I saved him from being swept by a freezing river.”

“I saved my sister from drowning in a lake.”

“We really were meant to be guardians.”

“Yeah, so it seems. Now lets get Baby Tooth’s friends outta here as well and get back to everyone else.”

“Right!” (y/n) said, happy to see that Jack was back to his old self. Jack flew to one of the cages holding the fairies and opened it.

“Come on let’s go!!” he urged, but the fairies didn’t fly away, in fact, they were perched on the bars in the cage.

“Wha-what’s wrong?” Jack asked, he was expecting them to fly the heck out of there. He looked around and noticed it was the same with all the other fairies.

“None of you can fly?” he asked. Baby Tooth squeaked out, pointing at the globe when she had Jacks and (y/n)’s attention. The lights were
going out again.

“The lights . . . .” Jack flew down to the globe with (y/n) close by, “they’re all going out . .  .”

“How can this be? Were my Sparkle Fairies not enough?” (y/n) said, devastated that all her efforts may have been in vain.

“Only six left!!” a voice said, it was Pitch, he was standing on the globe, “Six precious children who still believe in the guardians with all their hearts. I must say, nice show with those fairies (y/n), but sadly, they were no match for my Nightmares.”

“No! You destroyed them, didn’t you!!?”

“So what if I did?” Another light went out. “Oh . . . . actually, make that, five children who still believe.” Pitch chuckled gleefully, getting excited on how there were only five lights left. He comically stepped on the next light as it went out, “Three! Two . . .” he snapped his fingers, expecting for the last light to go out. But to his surprise, it didn’t. He snapped his fingers again, the light continued to shine.

“One?” he growled. Jack flew to the light and recognized the location of the last child who believed.


“We have to get to him!”

“Oh no you’re not!!” Pitch suddenly made an arrow and fired it at Jack.

“Jack!! Look out!!” Running on adrenaline, (y/n) launched herself to Jack, shoving him out of the way and taking the blow of the arrow. She cried out in pain as she fell to the ground.

“NO!! (Y/N)!!!” Jack screamed, reliving the moment Sandy got hit by one of Pitch’s arrows. He ran to (y/n)’s side, holding her gently as if she would break.

“Jack . . . . you’re . . ok . . .” (y/n) said in a weak voice.

“Not for long he is!!” Pitch fired another arrow, but (y/n) put up a shield protecting both her and Jack. But when the arrow hit the shield,
it cracked. And when it did, (y/n) let out a little yelp.

“(y/n), stop using your powers! You’re hurting yourself!” Jack suddenly gasped, (y/n)’s eyes were starting to loose their beautiful golden color and turning into a dull grey.

“What’s happening?” Jack asked no one in particular.

“Hmph, she’s slowly loosing all her light powers, soon she’ll be nothing but a useless spirit. I did wish to turn her into an Angel of Darkness, but I guess I’ll have to change those plans.” Pitch fired another arrow which (y/n) blocked again, but the shield was even weaker then before, almost shattering.

“Jack . . . forget about me . . . . go to Jamie . . . please.”

“No, not without you.” (y/n) felt something wet hit her face and slide down her cheek. (y/n) looked up into Jack’s bright, blue eyes, they were filled with tears. He was crying.

“Jack . . .?”

“I-I don’t want to loose you.”

“Awwww, isn’t that sweet, it almost pains me to end this,” Pitch drew his arrow, “but sadly I must.” Drawing out the last of her light, (y/n) shielded herself and Jack from the arrow. Her shield shattered like glass would. She let out a yell from the pain of loosing the last bit of her powers, the pain almost knocked her out.

“(y/n)!!” Jack scooped her up in his arms and flew right out of there before Pitch could attack again.
finally!! i managed to get another chapter down, sorry that it's so short compared to the other chapters, and you guys have waited for so long, but college really has me tied up right now >< not sure if this is my best chapter, i wrote it during my breaks at college, but i hope you enjoy, thank you all for reading!! ^_^

Chapter 1:…
Final Chapter:…
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