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'. . . . . . . . Where am I?' (y/n) sat up and looked around her. She was sitting at the edge of a river. Her once (h/c) hair was now a beautiful silver, her (e/c) eyes were a radiant golden color, her (s/c) now pale, but in a beautiful way. She looked at what she was wearing, on her was a simple, strapped, white dress that was made of the finest silk and went a few inches below her knees, around the waist was a large, white ribbon that was tied off into a bow at the back. Her feet were bare, yet they didn't feel cold nor did the rocks hurt or scrape them, and a ribbon was weaved around each lower part of her legs. On wobbly legs, she stood up.

'What's going on? What happened?' She looked up to the moon that was glowing brightly enough to produce light. All of a sudden, all around her, a huge ray of light shone from the moon, and a man's voice spoke to her, "(y/n)," the voice was strong, yet gentle like how a father would speak to his daughter.

"Huh? (y/n)? Is that . . . who I am?" The voice then added, "Angel of Light."

"Angel of Light? Could that be what I am?" (y/n) settled down onto the ground and listened to the voice, as it spoke, (y/n) learned about holidays and their leaders, myths and legends that only children would believe with their full hearts. Then came something about her.

"Your purpose . . . . help the children . . . . to not fear . . the dark," the voice said, "you shall be . . . . granted with the power . . . of light." After a moment of silence, the moon "spoke" again, "Go to (b/n), he needs you." The moon shined down another ray of light into the distance, showing (y/n) where she had to go.

"Fly well," and the light faded.

'Huh? Fly?' At her thoughts, (y/n) began to float from the ground. She began to panic and dropped down to the ground on her face.

"Ouch!! That hurt," she said, rubbing her face. Trying again and again, (y/n) finally got the hang of flying up and straight, but was still a little shaky, but at least she was in the air and moving. Following the ray of light, (y/n) flew until she got to the house where the light leaded to. Noticing an open window, she entered through it. She was in a little boy's room, (b/n) room to be exact. There he was, sleeping in his bed, Although, when (y/n) examined him a little closer, she saw distress on his face, as if he was having a nightmare. Despite not remembering him, she still had a kind heart towards children, and seeing this boy suffer through a nightmare, it saddened her. She reached out and lightly touched his forehead, and her hand began to glow brightly. Almost instantly, (b/n)'s distressed expression vanished, and was replaced with a smile, showing that he was at peace.

"(y/n) . . . . I love . . you too . . ." he mumbled in his sleep. She flinched at the mention of her name, but smiled and kissed his cheek.

"Sleep well, the dark no longer has a hold of you," she whispered to him.

"Thank . . . . . you . . ."


(y/n) did much in helping children with their fear of the dark. She could feel when a child has the fear and would come into their rooms at night. She would shine light from her body, and the light would actually stay there, only coming on at night, until the child no longer had the fear of the dark. Sometimes, like with (b/n), she would touch their forehead and shine light from her hand, or even give them a kiss on the cheek. There were times, when she entered a child's room, when she saw what they were dreaming about, but it was conjured up in black sand and a nightmare. She would shoot light blasts at it, and when it tried to get back to the child, she would protect the child with a shield of light, destroying the nightmare for good and replacing it with her light. Providing light for children wasn't all (y/n) did, when she saw a child who couldn't sleep, she would sing with her angelic voice and they would fall asleep. During the day, she would look out for the kids, aiding them with the best of her abilities.

50 years later . . . .

'Another snow day I see,' (y/n) thought as she watched children play in the snow form the light post she was sitting on. She watched as they threw snow balls at eachother, built snowmen together, and made snow angels. Seeing the smiles on their faces put one on her own face. Twirling a lock of her hair with her fingers, she noticed a little girl being bombarded by snow balls from bigger kids. Frowning at the sight, (y/n) created a light shield around the girl. Since it was day time, it could not bee seen, but it did block all the snow balls being thrown at her. The bullies where dumbfounded by the snow balls crumbling in thin air, but continued to attempt to pelt the girl with snowballs. After a minute, they eventually gave up and left her alone. The girl herself had a shocked look on her face, she looked around, down and up. (y/n) smiled, recognizing the girl now that she fully saw her face. It was a cute, little blonde girl named Sophie, she's been able to get over being scared of the dark not too long ago thanks to her.

(y/n) floated elegantly from the post down to Sophie.

"They shouldn't bother you anymore, now while I'm around," she said, despite the fact that Sophie couldn't see or hear her. Sophie just shrugged her shoulders with a smile and went on her way.

(y/n) chuckled, she knew that Sophie was a special child, and she would go far someday. (y/n) walked around a bit, liking the feeling of the snow under her feet. All of a sudden, she felt a snow ball hit her behind the head, knocking her to the ground.

"What the-!? What was that!?" she said out loud, wiping the snow from her face and shaking her hair to get the snow out of it. She turned around. Standing a few yards away was a young boy who looked to be about 16 or 17, her age when she became the Angel of Light. His short, messy hair was white like freshly fallen snow, his skin pale, but it somehow gave him a handsome appearance, his eyes a piercing blue color, he wore a royal blue sweatshirt that appeared to be decorated with frost, his brown pants were in the same condition, and just like her, he was barefooted. In his hands was an oddly shaped staff that appeared to be made out of wood. Both of them just stared at eachother, until the mysterious boy spoke up.

"Uhh, hey . . . . . you can . . see me?"

"Yeah. You can see me too?"

"Course. Wow, never met anyone like you before, no wonder why you're dressed differently then everyone else."

"Hm, who are you, and what's your name?"

"Jack Frost, the winter spirit. What about you?"

"(y/n), the angel of light."

"Angel of light huh? Never heard of you."

"I'm not much of a myth nor am I a popular one. And by the way, were you the one who threw that snowball?" Jack smiled mischievously.

"Maaaaaaayybeeeee," he said, leaning against his staff.

"Hey! Don't play with me, it was you! Wasn't it?"

"And what if it was?" (y/n) quickly scooped up some snow, shaped it into a snowball, and threw straight at Jack. But the winter spirit had seen this coming, and leaped into the air, flying up to a nearby tree and sitting on a low branch.

"Heh, you missed, Miss Angel," he taunted. With his powers, he created a snow ball and threw it at (y/n), getting her right in the face, knocking her over once more. Jack burst into laughter.

"Hahahahahaha!! Oh man that was good!!" But unlike last time, (y/n) didn't get up. After a few moments of silence, Jack saw that (y/n) wasn't moving.

"Huh? (y/n)?" He flew down to her and knelt down by her.

"(y/n)? Angel!? Hey!! Oh man, I'm so sorry I didn't mean to-" Before he could finish, (y/n) sat up, arm held out,  hand glowing, and aimed at Jack.

"Gotcha!" and she shot a blast of light at Jack, sending him yards away form where she was.

"Owowowowowowow!!!" Jack cried, rubbing the back of his head, "what was that for!? All I did was throw a snowball at you! And you shoot me with your light!?"

"Oh relax, my light doesn't do serious harm to anyone. Besides," (y/n) rubbed her cheeks, "that really hurt."

"Ok ok, I guess we're even," Jack said, "but I really am sorry, guess I don't know my own strength."

"Apology accepted. I'm sorry too, guess I got a little carried away with my light powers."

"Don't worry about it, I did kinda deserve it after all."

"Heh, that you did," (y/n) said, playfully giving Jack a shove.

"So what's your deal anyway? Mind telling me a little about yourself?"

"Well, there isn't much to say, the man in the moon made me who I am now. I help children with their fear of the dark. And I also keep them safe and help them any way I can find."

"I see."

"What about yourself?"

"Same as you I guess. Woke up with only the knowledge of what and who I am now."

"Heh, guess we're in the same boat."

"Seems so. . . . . Hey, wanna fly with me for a while. I could . . . . use a bit of company while I make winter for a change."

"Huh? Really?"

"Yeah really."

"Well, it's not every day I get to fly with someone," (y/n) smiled at Jack, almost making him blush, "sure, why not?"

"Great," Jack flew up into the sky, "but try and keep up!"

"Heh, no problem." And the two raced in the sky, playfully doing tricks and flips while flying.


Night began to settle, and (y/n) and Jack were just chilling on the roof of a house, chatting. (y/n) stood up and stretched her joints.

"Whelp, I better get going, the children need me."

"Same here," Jack said, getting up as well, then he added, "today was fun, I've never actually had a flying buddy before."

"Heh, same here, but it was nice though."

"Yeah, well, better get going." As Jack began to fly away, (y/n) called out to him, "Jack wait! Will I . . . . ever see you again?" Jack looked back and smiled sweetly at her, making her blush, "Of course you will. See ya around Angel!" and with that, he was gone. (y/n) blushed even harder at the new nickname Jack had created for her, but had a small smile on her face.

Jack Frost . . . . .
here's chapter 2!! i was really surprised on how much attention this got, it makes me so very happy!! i hope this is good, i did my best (considering I've never watched the movie before >< gonna have to watch it if i wanna continue) hope you enjoy! ^.^

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