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"Sis, I'm getting kinda scared," the young boy said to his older sister, clinging the hem of her coat tightly.

"Don't worry, there's nothing to be afraid of."

(y/n) and her brother, (b/n), had been out all day, running errands and then iceskating at a large pond located in the middle of the forest till the evening. It grew dark and (y/n) was smart enough to bring along a flashlight.

"Here, with this, you have no reason to be afraid of the dark," she said, turning the flash light on, lighting their path.

(y/n) was a bright, young girl who always thought positively. Her (h/l) (h/c) was shiny and silky to the touch, her (e/c) eyes shined with such radiance. Today she had clothed herself with a normal shirt and jeans, over that she had a (f/c), thick coat, a blue scarf was wrapped around her neck, and a pair of boots on her feet. Her brother was carrying their skates, with one hand, and holding on to her with the other.

"But sis, I'm still scared," he said, huddling close to her as they walked home.

"Here then," (y/n) stopped walking and held out the flashlight out to him, "you hold the light and I'll carry the skates, would that make you feel any better?"

"I guess." They traded items and continued walking. Even with the light in her brother's hands, (y/n) could still feel (b/n) shaking next to her.

"Come on (b/n), we have light, there's no need to be scared."

"But . . . . the dark is so scary." (y/n) chuckled.

"Now now, the dark is just the dark, the creepiness of it, it's just in illusion. Just think of happy thoughts, and all your fears will go away.

"Ok sis, whatever you say." They continued onward.

'Come on, we're almost there, I can feel it!' (y/n) thought. She felt her brother tug on her coat, signifying that he wanted her attention.



"I'm really cold."

"Ugh, I told you to wear more then just a jacket and sneakers," (y/n) scolded. She sighed and knelt down to her brother's level.

"Here," she removed her scarf and wrapped it around her brother's neck, "is that better?"

"Yes, thank you."

"No problem." All of a sudden, the sound of a twig snapping was heard, and out of fear, (b/n) dropped the flashlight began to run in the opposite direction of home, screaming.

"(b/n)!!! Come back!! You're going the wrong way!!!" (y/n) screamed, dropping the skates and doing her best to stay on his trail. Tonight was a full moon, and thanks to it's light, (y/n) was able to stay on (b/n)'s tail. He continued to run until he ran out of breath, stopping and panting, his breaths shaky and short. (y/n) dropped to her knees and wrapped her arms around him.

"Shhhhh, don't worry (b/n), I'm here," she said in a soft voice, trying to calm the boy down.

"(y/n) . . . . . that scared me to death!" (b/n) said, burying his face into (y/n)'s chest, trying to hold back sobs, "I hate the dark, it's just so scary!!"

"Shhhh, hey, I've got something for you." (y/n) reached into her coat pocket and pulled out a pin, the pin held a little, silver angel figure.

"I was gonna save this for Christmas, but I think you need it now." She pinned the angel onto his jacket.

"Wha . . . What is it?" (b/n) asked through his tears.

"It's an angel of light. And as long as you wear it, the dark can't do anything to you. Got it?" (b/n) lightly touched the pin, a small smile grew on his face.

"Got it," he hugged his sister tightly, "thank you (y/n), you're the best sister ever."

"Heh, not to mention the only one, haha!" (y/n) stood up and dusted the snow from her jeans, "now, let's get home!"

"Right!" But as they tried to go back the way they ran, (y/n) couldn't recognize the way, seeing as she's never walked through this way before and the fact that they no longer had the flashlight, even the moon's light wasn't helping. After and hour of walking, her brother tugged at her coat again.


"Sis, I'm really tired," he held his arms up, "please?" (y/n) sighed, but squatted down so he can climb onto her back.

"Thanks," he mumbled. (y/n) continued to walk, a feeling in her gut was telling her that she was going the wrong way. After another hour, her fear was confirmed, they were lost. And to make matters worse, the temperature had dropped significantly.

"Hey (b/n), you awake?" she asked (b/n). He didn't answer.

"(b/n)?" Gently, she set him down against a tree and examined him. He seemed to be asleep, but his lips where blue from the cold. She pressed her hand against his forehead, it felt like she was touching a frozen lake.

'Damnit! He needs help fast! But I have no idea where we are!' She pulled out her cellphone, there was no reception anywhere she tried.

Out of frustration, she threw it down into the snow.

"No!!" she yelled. She knew that she might have a chance out here overnight, but if her brother didn't get home fast, he'd die of frostbite and hypothermia.

"I've gotta keep him warm." She removed her coat and wrapped her brother in it, doing her best to shield him from the cold, then she picked him up in her arms, carrying him bridal style.

"Ok, just gotta keep walking," she said, trying to encourage herself. Another hour passed, and still no sign of the path that would led them home. The night brought the cold to its' worse, and now without her coat, (y/n) could now feel how cold it was.

'I can't give up!' she looked down at her brother, sleeping in her arms, at least she hoped he was just sleeping. 'If I don't make it out alive, I at least want him to make it.' Exhaustion forced the girl to stop walking and sit down, leaning against a tree with a large trunk. She exhaled loudly and laid her brother on her lap. To her relief, he woke up, looking up at her, he asked, "Sis? Are we home yet?"

"No, not yet, but we'll make it, don't you worry," (y/n) said, kissing his forehead, flinching from how cold it is.

"Sis . . . we're lost, aren't we?" (y/n) didn't want to answer, knowing that answering and giving the honest answer would scare him even more. She just hugged him close, trying to hide the fact that she herself was terrified.

'Even if we must wait here for morning, I might make it, but he . . . . .' (y/n) buried her face in (b/n)'s hair and silently let her tears leave her eyes.

"I'll protect you," she whispered to him.

"You know," her brother started before a coughing fit made him stop, afterwards, he continued, "you'd make a great angel of light," he said, smiling his innocent smile. (y/n) smiled back, hoping to lighten the mood, "Heh, you think so?"

"You're beautiful, caring, kind, smart, you're not afraid of the dark, and you also make the best cup of hot chocolate!" (y/n) giggled at that last part.

"When we get home, I'll make you the best and biggest cup of hot chocolate you'll ever taste."

"Mmmmm, I can't wait!"

"Well, I've rested long enough, let's get going." (y/n) gathered her brother into her arms and began to walk again. About half an hour later, (y/n) came across a half-frozen river. She gasped and smiled, happy to finally come across something that she recognized. Crossing this river meant she'd just be yards away from the town. She hugged her brother tightly.

"Oh (b/n)!! We're almost there!! We just gotta cross this river!! We're gonna go home together!!" she said happily as he cheered along. She hopped into the waist-deep river, trying to ignore the numbing effects and stinging pain the cold water delivered to her legs. The river was calm at the moment, flowing steadily and smoothly and chunks of ice flowed with it. (y/n) thought nothing of the ice chunks, until they suddenly increased in size. A huge, gust of wind suddenly blew, and (y/n) could feel the river running harder and faster now. She heard something up river, she looked and her eyes widened, ice as large as dinner tables were coming down the river. She forced herself to move faster. But as she was a few steps away from the other side, a chunk of ice blocked her way. She knew that if she dared to try to get to the other side by climbing on the ice, the river would just take it away, leading both her and her bother deeper into the forest. An idea came to her head, but she knew that it could mean that either she or her brother, or both would perish. At this point though, there wasn't much of a choice. She looked to her brother.



"I'm gonna shove you onto this piece of ice, once on it, make a break to shore, you must be quick though, ok?"

"B-b-b-b-b-but, wh-what a-a-about y-y-y-you?" (b/n) asked, fearful for his sister's safety. She gave him a tender kiss on his cheek, warming him up a bit, "Don't worry about me, just go." She gave him one last squeeze before hauling him up to the patch of ice. He stumbled towards the other side, but (y/n) saw that the ice was moving away from shore. Knowing that there would be no hope for her brother if she didn't do something, she swam to the end of the ice that was facing downriver, secured her feet onto the bottom, and with her body held the chunk in place until her brother made it to the other side.

"(y/n)!!!" he screamed out, tears pouring from his eyes.

"(b/n)!! Walk down the path you see before you!! That should take you back into town!!"

"(Y/N)!!!! You said . . . . You said we'd go home together, and that you'd make me a cup of hot chocolate when we got there!!" (y/n) smiled, her legs were screaming in pain, begging to be released from the pressure of the ice chunk she was pushing on and the current of the now raging river.

"I'm sorry . . . . (b/n). I love you bro!!"

"No!!! (Y/N)!!" (y/n) uprooted her legs and was washed away with the ice chunk, while her brother screamed her name over and over again as if calling for her will magically bring her back. He continued until his throat was raw from shouting so much and eyes red and puffy from crying. After a while, (b/n) wiped away his tears and walked the path he was told to walk, knowing that he wouldn't be here if it were not for (y/n). He looked down at the angel pin and gripped it tightly.

"Sis, you were always my angel of light."


(y/n)'s sacrifice was not in vain. After walking down the path and then collapsing from exhaustion, (b/n) was found by a kind stranger
and taken to the hospital. Luckily none of his limbs were too damaged, thus he didn't need amputation. He told his parents what happened and they sent for people to go and search for the girl, or at least, her body. Weeks passed, and they turned up with nothing.
Not sure if this is any good, but I've been wanting to write a jack frost fanfic so badly that i just had to. in this chapter he doesn't appear, mainly focuses on the reader, but he WILL come, kay? (i wrote a different fanfic, but i thought that was no good, so i came up with this, kept the title though)
to anyone who reads, i hope you enjoyed!! ^.^

Chapter 1: you're here ^.^
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Chapter 9:…
Final Chapter:…

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blackcatsah Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2016
I have read your hole fanfiction 4 times and I love it, have you ever thought about writing a second one. Maybe with Jack and Angle building a new life together. Even having a baby with great power and destiny.😀 What do you think?
neo-chan7 Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2016
nah, i prefer to end it here and leave the rest to the reader's imagination
and thank you for your kind words ^^
anakpapa Featured By Owner Apr 20, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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neo-chan7 Featured By Owner Apr 20, 2016
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I encounter them. But when i do, they're long, and heart-felt
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DemonChan22 Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2013
At the begin of the story when the reader a d her brother are in a forest and have just turned on a flashlight i was like "Look out for Slendy" XD
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I was thinking of that this could be the perfect scenary for the slenderman...
DemonChan22 Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2014
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DivineSpiritual Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I really enjoyed this story. C: I just wanted to point out a couple of things. The details you described of what the reader is wearing and having a flashlight, cell phone. Here's my thing here...

If Jack is 318 years old, and we can assume the timeline in RotG is the year 2012, it would be 1712 for Jack when he died and became a guardian. So if the reader is 267 years old, the year would be 1752. In other words, I doubt she would be wearing jeans and have a flashlight or a cell phone. I just wanted to let you know. I still liked this story. (:
neo-chan7 Featured By Owner Jun 12, 2013
heh, so true, but i was such an sloppy writer when i wrote this ^~^ thanks for pointing that out though ^^
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